Core Mods -

Minecraft Forge - by LexManos

Code Chicken Core - by Chicken Bones

Power Crystals Core - by Power Crystals

Immibis Core - by immibis

CoFH Core - by King Lemming

bspkrs Core - by bspkrs

Rei's Minimap - by ReiFNSK

Not Enough Items - by Chicken Bones

Not Enough Items: Mod Plugins - by Mistaqur

Not Enough Items: Redpower plugin - by Chicken Bones

Inventory Tweaks - by Jimeowan

Monster Spawn Highlighter - by Lunatrius

Mods -

An Obsidian Plate - by Slinky

Applied Energistics - by AlgorithmX2

Better Anvils - by vdvman1

Buildcraft - by SpaceToad, Kraphy, and Sir Sengir

Buildcraft: Logistics Pipes - by Krapht

Buildcraft: Valve Pipe (and More!) - by DenOfLions

Chococraft - by Torojima

ComputerCraft - by dan200

ComputerCraft: CC Cable - by Xfel

ComputerCraft: Immibis's Peripherals - by immibis

ComputerCraft: OpenCCSensors - by The OpenCCSensors Team

Craft & Enchant - by Maties7

Dimensional Anchors - by immibis

Dimensional Doors - by StevenRS11

Dungeon Pack - by Stuuupiiid

Equivalent Exchange 3 - by Pahimar

Ender Storage - by Chicken Bones

Flat Bedrock - by Power Crystals

Forestry - by Sir Sengir

Forestry: Extra Bees - by Binnie

Industrial Craft 2 - by Alblaka & The IC2 Team

Industrial Craft 2: Advanced Machines - by Atomic Stryker

Industrial Craft 2: Advanced power Management - by Pantheis and Tallinu

Industrial Craft 2: Compact Solars - by cpw

Industrial Craft 2: Modular Force Field System - by Thunderdark

Industrial Craft 2: Nuclear Control - by Shedar

Iron Chests - by cpw

Liquid Metals - by fred4106

Metallurgy: Core - by Rebel Keith and Shadowclaimer

Metallurgy: Base Metals - by Rebel Keith and Shadowclaimer

Metallurgy: Precious Metals - by Rebel Keith and Shadowclaimer

Metallurgy: Ender Metals - by Rebel Keith and Shadowclaimer

MineChem - by ljdp

MineFactory Reloaded - by Power Crystals

Modular Power Suits - by Machine Muse

Mystcraft - by XCompWiz

Omni Tools - by King Lemming

Pam's Wee! Flowers - by Pam, with help from Rhodox

Power Converters - by Power Crystals

Power Converters: Redpower Module - by "Overt Jaguar"

Railcraft - by Covert Jaguar

Redpower 2 - by Eloraam

Rotten Flesh to Leather - by Epic Blargh

Secret Rooms - by Abrar Syed

Starting Inventory - by bspkrs and DaftPVF

Soul Shards - by Shadw Drgn

Thermal Expansion - by King Lemming

Treecapitator - by bspkrs and DaftPVF

Tube Stuff - by immibis

Useful Food - by Silentspy

Wireless Redstone: Chicken Bones Edition - by Chicken Bones

Wireless Redstone: Chicken Bones Edition - Addons - by Chicken Bones

Wireless Redstone: Chicken Bones Edition - Redpower Addon - by Chicken Bones

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