• Big Dig has 146 species of bees divided into 43 different branches.
  • The following bees can be found in hives: Forest, Meadows, Modest, Tropical, Wintry, Marshy, Rocky, and Water. Occasionally a Valiant Bee can be obtained from any hive.
  • Apiaries and Alvearies are fully compatible with buildcraft pipes, however, only Drones pure-bred from a hive will stack.
  • The branches are as follows:
Branch Species

Forest, Meadows, Common, Cultivated

Noble Noble, Majestic, Imperial
Industrious Diligent, Unweary, Industrious
Heroic Steadfast, Valiant, Heroic
Infernal Sinister, Fiendish, Demonic
Austere Modest, Frugal, Austere
End Ender
Tropical Tropical, Exotic, Edenic
Frozen Wintry, Icy, Glacial, Frigid, Absolute
Festive Leporine, Merry, Tipsy, Celebratory
Agrarian Rural, Farmed
Boggy Marshy, Swamp, Boggy, Fungal
Agricultural Fermented, Bovine, Caffeine, Citrus, Minty
Barren Arid, Barren, Desolate
Hostile Decaying, Skeletal, Creepy
Rocky Rocky, Tolerant, Hardy, Resilient
Rusty Rusty, Corroded, Tarnished, Leaden
Metallic Lustered
Alloyed Resolute, Brazen, Fortified, Lustrous
Precious Shining, Glittering, Precious, Valuable
Mineral Lapis
Gemstone Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond
Nuclear Unstable, Nuclear, Radioactive
Historic Ancient, Primeval, Prehistoric, Relic
Fossilized Fossiled, Resinous, Oily, Preserved
Refined Distilled, Refined, Tarry, Elastic
Aquatic Water, River, Ocean, Stained
Saccharine Sweetened, Sugary, Fruity
Classical Marbled, Gothic, Renaissance, Classical
Volcanic Embittered, Angry, Furious, Volcanic, Glowering
Viscous Viscous, Glutinous, Sticky
Virulent Malicious, Infectious, Virulent
Caustic Corrosive, Caustic, Acidic
Energetic Excited, Energetic, Ecstatic
Shadow Shadowed, Darkened, Abyssmal

Maroon, Saffron, Prussian, Natural,

Ebony, Bleached, Sepia


Amber, Turquoise, Indigo, Slate,

Azure, Lavender, Lime

Tertiary Fuchsia, Ashen
Hungry Hungry, Starved, Ravenous
Confused Dazed, Irrational, Delirious
Forestry Pulped, Spoiled, Decomposed
Wooden Wooden, Lumbered, Timbered
Beastly Jaded