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Welcome to the Minecraft Big Mod Pack Wiki

This site is a work-in-progress Wiki for the the Big Dig Pack which is part of the Technic Platform. Rather than searching through various websites to find just one piece of information, hopefully you can find it here. Please contribute and build the wiki.

The Big Dig Pack is now a default pack in the Technic Launcher! Get it here!

Mods in this Modpack and Links V1.3.9

Core Mods

bspkrs Core - by bspkrs Website v2.04
Code Chicken Core - by Chicken Bones Website v0.8.6.12
CoFH Core - by King Lemming Website v1.5.2.2
Immibis Core - by immibis Website v55.1.1
Inventory Tweaks - by Jimeowan Website v1.54b
Monster Spawn Highlighter - by Lunatrius Website v1.4.1.17
Not Enough Items - by Chicken Bones Website v1.5.2.21
Not Enough Items Plugins - by mistaqur Website v1.0.9.1a
Power Crystals Core - by Power Crystals Website v1.1.6.107
Rei's Minimap - by ReiFNSK Website v3.3_06


Applied Energistics - by AlgorithmX2 Website v10.n
Artifice - by Shukaro Website v1.0.67
Atomic Science - by Calclavia Website v0.5.3.50
Better Anvils - by vdvman1 Website v3.2
Better Storage - by Copygirl Website v0.6.1.18
Buildcraft - by SpaceToad, Krapht, & Sir Sengir Website v3.5.3
Buildcraft Additional Pipes - by Flow86 Website v2.3.0
Buildcraft: Logistic Pipes - by davboecki, theZorro266, AartBluestoke & ArtForz Website v0.7.3.2
ChocoCraft - by Torojima Website v2.8.4
ComputerCraft - by dan200 Website v1.53
ComputerCraft: Immibis's Peripherals - by immibis Website v55.0.0
ComputerCraft: Open Peripheral - by Mikee Website v0.0.7
ComputerCraft: OpenCCSensors - by Cloudy and Mikee Website v1.5.2.0
Dimensional Anchors - by immibis Website v55.0.0
Dimensional Doors - by StevenRS11 Website v1.3.6.73
Dungeon Pack - by Stuuupiiid Website v1.5.2.3
Enchanting Plus - by mssodin28 & GnRSlash Website v1.14.6
Ender Ore - by Shukaro Website v1.0.12
Ender Storage - by Chicken Bones & Ecu Website v1.4.2.10
Equivalent Exchange 3 - by Pahimar Website vpre1h
Forestry - by Sir Sengir Website v2.2.4.3
Forestry: Extra Bees - by Binnie Website v1.6.pre9
Galacticraft - by micdoodle8 Website va0.1.35.262
Greg's Lighting - by Greg Ewing Website v1.8.1.7
ICBM - by Calclavia Website v1.2.0.108
Immibis Microblocks - by immibis Website v55.0.1
Iron Chests - by cpw Website v5.2.6.412
Magical Crops - by Mark719 Website v2.0.8a
Mekanism - by Aidancbrady
  • Core, Generators, Tools
Website v5.5.6.64
MFFS - by Calclavia Website v3.0.1.121
MineChem - by ljdp & Rushmead Website v3.0.0.129
MineFactory Reloaded - by Power Crystals Website v2.6.0.862
Modular Powersuits - by Machine Muse Website v0.6.0.444
MPS Addons - by Andrew2448 Website v0.2.3.110
Mystcraft - by XCompWiz Website v0.10.3.00.port
Natura - by mDiyo Website v2.0.21
Nether Ores - by Powercrystals Website v2.1.3.60
Obsidiplates - by Myrathi Website v1.5.0.13
OmniTools - by King Lemming Website v3.1.4.0
Pam's Wee! Flowers - by Pam & Rhodox Website v1.5.1
Project Bench - by _bau5 Website v1.7.5
Rotten Flesh to Leather - by Epic Blargh Website v1.5.1
Secret Rooms - by Abrar Syed Website v4.6.0.281
Soul Shards - by Shadw Drgn Website v1.27
Starting Inventory - by DaftPVF & bspkrs Website v1.5.2.r01
Thermal Expansion - by King Lemming Website v2.4.3.0
Tinkers Construct - by mDiyo Website v1.3.3.15
Trade Booth - by aeroc Website v0.4
Treecapitator - by DaftPVF & bspkrs Website v1.5.2.r01
Useful Food - by Silentspy Website v1.4.2

Former Mods

Other Recommended / Related Mods

These are mods that do not yet have official permission to be added to this Mod Pack, but can be added by individual users or are in some way associated with this pack (i.e. via Technic Launcher).


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