NotEnoughItems (NEI) is a mod which combines the features of Recipe Book and TooManyItems. One special feature is the ability to list recipes, click on the settings and change it from "Cheat Mode" to "Recipe Mode." When you left click on items, it tells you how they are crafted. By right clicking it lists all recipes that include the item you chose. You can also use the "R" button on an item to display the recipe, or "U" to list the recipes it is used in. Press "O"  to enable and disable it when viewing your inventory. 

The mod also includes a search feature which lets you search for whatever you need to find. However, some items are not displayed on NEI and some are displayed but have missing recipes for how to make them and what they are used for in other recipes.

It also lets you change the weather to what you would like, Sun, Raining, Snowing etc. It lets you change the time too and put the time to Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight. Be aware, you need to have cheat mode enabled in order to use these features in your world.

Here's is an image of NEI's layout...