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Displays an eagle's-view map of your surroundings at the edge of your screen. Also, it enables the ability to make a check point to mark an area on the map.

Default Controls:Edit

  • C:  Create Way point Menu.
    • Allows you to set label and color for a waypoint at your current location (head-level).
  • X:  Open larger version of map.
    • Useful for getting a feel for your surroundings. 
    • Setting for this and the minimap can be adjusted in the Menu.
  • Z:  Zoom the minimap or large map. (x0.5/x1/x1.5/x2/x4/x8)
    • If you want a good look at each block in high zooms, turn off filtering in the menu. 
  • M:  Opens an option menu to change many elements of the map (see below)


  • Rei's Menu (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Render Type (Surface/Biome/Cave)
  • Death Point (Spawns a waypoint when you die, default is off)
  • Minimap Options
    • Map Shape / Texture / Position / Scale / Opacity
    • Large Map Position / Scale / Opacity
    • Filtering / Show Coordinates / Show MenuKey / Font Scale / Default Zoom / MapMask Type
    • Update Frequency / Threading / Thread Priority / Preloaded Chunks
  • Surface Map Options
    • Lighting / Lighting Type / Terrain Udulate / Terrain Depth / Transparency / Environment Color
    • Omit Height Calc / Hide Snow / Show Chunk Grid / Show Slime Chunk
  • Entities Radar
    • Entities Radar / Player / Animal / Monster / Slime / Squid / Other Living / Lightning / Show Direction
  • Marker Options
    • Marker / Icon / Label / Distance
  • About / Update Check / Auto Update Check
  • Waypoints (bottom middle)
    • Provides an interface to enable/disable waypoints, as well as Add or Remove.
    • Arrows at the top allow you to cycle to waypoints on other 'worlds' (i.e. Nether, MystCraft).
  • Keyconfig (bottom right)
    • Change any of the key options in-game as well as return settings to Default.

Video Tutorial Edit

Technic Tutorials 1-2

Technic Tutorials 1-2. Rei's Minimap (In Depth)


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