This mod adds a range of blocks that blend in with the surrounding blocks to form invisible doors, one-way windows and more!

Some of these blocks and items include;

  • Torch lever, This looks and works exactly like a vanilla torch but can emit a redstone signal once right-clicking on the Hitbox.
  • One sided camo. block, This block has (like it says) one side of the block which will blend in with surrounding blocks so you cannot see in, but every other side of the block acts like glass, you can see right through the camo. sided block as if it were only glass.

  • Secret gate, This works like a vanilla gate but you cannot see it as (like everything else in the mod) it blends in with the blocks surrounding, it can be powered by a redstone signal from 10 blocks away from the source or repeater.

  • Camo. dummy, this block only blends in with the blocks around it, it doesn't have any other special features, only this. This is a cheaper way of forming more valuable blocks like Diamond or Gold without having to have the resources.

  • Camo. TrapDoor, this is a trapdoor like in vanilla but will blend in with the blocks around it (Don't forget where you placed it!)
  • Shelfgate extension, These blocks are doors, They work just like iron and wooden doors from vanilla minecraft but like everything else they will blend in with the block below it.

Blocks used as secret doors

  • Camo. Paste, this is a vital part of the mod, without this you cannot craft any of the blocks in the mod!
  • Ghost block, you can see the block, but you can walk right through it.
  • Camo. lever, this works just like a lever but will blend in with the block it is on</span>
  • Secret Redstone,  this will carry a redstone signal (like normal redstone dust) but will be placed as a block and will blend in with the surrounding blocks.
  • Secret Button, This block works like a vanilla button but will be a solid block the same as the blocks around it.
  • Secret Pressureplate, There are four different types of these blocks in the mod, they react exactly the same to there vanilla conterpart, wood sends out a redstone signal when a block or player is on it, stone will react when the block has a player or mob on it and the gold and iron will work the same way as vanilla. like everything else it will blend in with the surrounding blocks.
  • Secret stairs, these blocks look like the blocks around it e.g. stone, dirt, but act like stairs. These blocks are very useful for hiding a base or home.