Because of the vast array of mods associated with the Big Dig Mod Pack, there aren't that many comprehensive high-res texture packs available.

Sphax BDcraft

Though a work-in-progress, this is currently the only texture pack geared specifically towards Big Dig. It is currently in two versions, x32, x64 and x128.

Note: The owner of the main pack does not allow us to include the main Minecraft textures with our 'patch'. You'll need to download both files and combine them.


Download both files and merge them (either use 7-zip or unpack both and repack). You should be placing the Big Dig Patch INTO the PureBDCraft (as it is a patch) - see video below for reference.

Source Site x128 x64 32x
PureBDcraft Texturepacks x128 for MC1.4.7 x64 for MC1.4.7 x32 for MC1.4.7
Big Dig Pack Patch MediaFire DropBox MediaFire DropBox MediaFire DropBox

Author Notes

The mod is as yet incomplete - mostly in regards to Minefactory Reloaded and Liquid Metals. For specifics, check out the spoiler on the Mod Pack page under "Current Status". I'll summarize some of the major issues I've noted below (there may be more):

Completely Missing

  • Liquid Metals - UIs, and numerous items (ore gravel/sand/dust, buckets, machinery).
  • Open CC Sensors - all visual elements associated the sensor cards and their upgrades.


  • MineFactory Reloaded - numerous UIs are still missing, but many of the item textures/animations have been added.  Still a lot of work to be done, but it's a good start!
  • Metallurgy - Nether Metal, Nether Alloys, and Precious Metal armors are currently incomplete, as is the mint and some associated items.
  • Useful Food - Some blocks (i.e. cakes) associated with this mod are currently unmodified.
  • ChocoCraft - 'disguise' armor and associated icons incomplete. Packbag, saddlebag and associated chocobo sprites are low-res.
  • Logistics Pipes - Various cards, disks and other items associated with the base pack.
  • Thaumcraft - mostly complete, only a few things missing.
  • ChemCraft - mostly complete, just the convex/concave lenses (and possibly a correction to the Microscope/Projector lenses (as the current patch has them strangely stylized).

Video Tutorial

Added for how to merge files. Ignore version numbers, links, etc :)

Note: You can also use 7-zip instead of WinRAR (works the same).
How to install Sphax PureBDcraft Texturepack

How to install Sphax PureBDcraft Texturepack