The Thermionic Fabricator is a machine added by Forestry that is used to craft Electron Tubes.

Item SlotsEdit

The red slot is where you put sand, glass or glass panes. When the objects are turned into liquid glass the liquid glass will be stored in the orange slot. The green slot shows the current heat level of the Thermionic Fabricator. The heat level required to turn the object into liquid glass is displayed on the green slot when you place an object in the red slot. (At least 2 MJ/t are required for the fabricator to warm up, If you don't supply enough power to maintain the current temperature, it will slowly drop). The blue slots are the crafting area of the thermionic fabricator, if you put a recipe in the blue slots then if the fabricator has enough power it will craft the item. The pink slot is where the crafted items will end up. The slots in brown are where items are placed to be used by the fabricator to craft an item. The purple slot is the secondary output slot of the Thermionic Fabricator. 


The Thermionic Fabricator is crafted with 4 gold, 1 sturdy casing, 3 glass, and 1 chest.