Treecapitator is a mod that makes chopping trees much quicker. It re-designs the tree-cutting mechanic so that on one strike, all log and leaf blocks attached above the broken log will break and fall to the ground! An axe of any type is required, and the amount of durability your axe would have used if each block was broken individually is still taken, so no cheating with more uses per axe!


  • The mod doesn't affect player-placed blocks, so your constructions are perfectly safe from marauding axes!
  • Sapling and oak apple drop rate seems to be increased when leaves are broken with Treecapitation, so be prepared of an overflow of saplings.
  • Vanilla trees and axes are all compatible; some mod items, however, may not work, forcing you to clean up manually. You have been warned!
  • You need to use an axe to do it; Again, some mod axes, particularly those in TConstruct won't harvest the whole tree.
  • Although this mod doesn't work with a bunch of modded trees, it seems to get along with the trees added by ExtraBiomesXL quite well, provided your axe has the durability to chop it all down.